Application allows you to get selfie with dead

A Korean company creates an application that will allow you to take selfie photography together with strangers and even dead.


The app, called "With Me", was created by ELROIS Inc and did debut at MWC this week. With this technology, you can scan someone into 3D and convert the result through the application to an image.

After creating the image, you can get one Selfie with it, even if the person is not there. The application uses sophisticated AI technology to reproduce the face of the real person. He can also remember who is who and how he looks and comment on whether the mood or appearance of a person is different on each scan.

According to the company, "The pictures could be your family, your friends, or even celebrities!"

The interesting thing is that these images respond to your voice, so if you say to them, for example "I love you", they will reciprocate your love. Or even kiss you. Which means you can take pictures of yourself kissing a person you do not yet know who the lucky one will be.

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