Apple 1 million face shields every week for free

Its design department Apple at the disposal of humanity: Technology companies around the world are trying to help health services and governments fight the pandemic coronavirus.

Today, the Apple announced that he has designed a special face shield for professionals in the medical field and beyond.


The company's CEO, Tim Cook, he published a video on Twitter that states that the Apple will have one million face shields by the end of the week. After that, it will provide one million face shields each week to the health services that need them.

These masks are packaged flat, in boxes containing one hundred pieces.

Cook reported that the Apple manufactures these face shields in the US and China, and that each piece takes less than two minutes to assemble.

He added that his company has currently ordered 20 million masks through the supply chain network that uses and works with various governments to donate them according to demand.

It is important to see companies like Apple to have their own design departments or anything else to help humanity for free in periods that any help is highly welcome and essentially necessary.

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