Everything Apple has shown at 2015 event

Apple, launched the 9 event in 8 September at XNUMX Greece, with a lot of people watching it, since this year it was first broadcast via Windows, Linux and Android. apple

It was introduced by Tim Cook, first mentioning the Apple Watch, the latest device made by Apple. He started by giving positive feedback from the owners of the device, Tim "played his house." The Apple Watch 2 now. It comes and brings revolutionary health solutions.

The smart device measures the pulse of the owner's heart, stores the results, and can send even in real time directly to the attending physician, who also has the ability to hear the heart of the owner.


In the market we will see it on September 16.AppleWatchHealth

Immediately afterwards, Cook climbed the stage again, citing Apple's collaboration with IBM and Cisco for the development of iPad Pro. After three years of rumors, the iPad Pro is a reality.

Tim Cook called it "the most capable and powerful iPad we've ever created." Phil Schiller climbed the stage to present the device.
Its screen is 12-inch, has 5.6 million pixels (more than one Macbook Pro Retina!) And comes with a digital pen that the company calls Apple Pencil.
It runs with an A9x chip on 64-bit, with 2x memory bandwidth. Schiller said the A9x processor is faster than the 80% of portable PC chips. As for its graphics it is 2 times better than A8x.

Its battery life reaches 10 hours. The new tablet also features a four-speaker system, is 6.9mm thin. The iPad Pro features a keyboard cover.

But here comes the real surprise. Presentation of the new iPad Pro will continue with Microsoft! It seems that iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Microsoft Office are or will be the best friends.

The Apple Pencil will cost $ 99, while the iPad Pro will be released in silver, gold, and space gray starting at $ 799. Both devices will be released in November. The iPad Air will start at $ 399, while the iPad mini 2 from $ 269.

Line has the Apple TV, that Cook said its future is the applications, say Netflix and Hulu. tv

Apple TV is made from scratch, with new hardware and better performance. Developers can develop new apps including Embedded App Store and Siri Digital Assistant.

The remote control of the TV has a very versatile touchpad glass. If again the show you are watching has ads you can with a Siri voice command, proceed further. "Siri skip ahead two minutes."
The new TV gives you gaming, with its own games, and of course that will come from developers.
tv games

Apple TV runs with tvOS, which is based on iOS.

Cook is back on stage to introduce the new iPhone.1 iphone

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are officially here. Apple says everything has changed! Multi Touch became 3D touch by Force Touch…

3D Touch, like Force touch on Apple Watch, allows you unlimited functions. Push a little more on a photo and it will open more on your screen. If someone sends you an iMessage address, the 3D Touch with a little pressure on the screen will show you the location in Maps.


IPhone 6S runs with a new A9 chipset that is 70% faster than A8, while its graphics are also 90% faster.

Gaming can now use 3D Touch for better and more natural control, while the A9 processor can make a dynamic stream of graphics on 60fps !!

Apple says the A9 also has the M9 built into the chip. 'Siri' works and unplugged, while Touch ID is faster.

The camera is in 12 megapixels, with an 50% pixel upgrade. Apple argues that the new sensor does not spoil the pixels.

Do not you think the camera is better?


The device can get videos on 4K which means your videos will have 8 million pixels per frame.

The front camera is in 5 megapixels, and uses the screen as a flash.

The new iPhone will have better Wi-Fi and will be available from September 25. Both 6s and 6s Plus will cost the same, with a price starting from $ 199 with a contract in America. IPhone 6 and 6 plus will cost $ 100 cheaper.

IOS 9 will be officially released on September 16, and yes, the company is dropping prices in iCloud by about half.

1 phone price

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