Apple: 850.000 iPhone the day over the last quarter

Apple has managed to place 77,3 million iPhone in the last quarter. We are talking about a lot of iPhone. So much that we'll probably have to do division to understand the size.

This means that in the last 91 days Apple managed to sell 849.450 iPhone a day, or 35.393 every hour, or 590 every minute.

That means selling almost ten iPhone a second for every second during the last 91 day period. Apple

To complement the picture, let's say that each of these iPhones was sold for 796 dollars, on average.

Assuming that each iPhone box weighs about 500 gr, that's about 39.000 iPhone tons in packages.

IPhone is shipped from assembly plants to FedEx and from there fleet with Boeing 777 trucks, each of which can carry 100 tones.

Making operations means that it took almost 400 flights during this three-month period only to transfer the iPhone to the markets.

Remember, we are talking only about one line of Apple products, that is, we did not mention anything about iPads, MacBooks, iMacs or anything else Apple has on the market.

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