Apple: Our systems were not violated

Apple denies rumors stating that hackers have gained access to hundreds of millions of accounts customers and that they have the ability to remotely delete device data via iCloud.

Earlier this week, we reported on a group of hackers called "Turkish Crime Family. ” The hackers claim that they have warned the company that they will start deleting iPhones remotely if they do not receive the ransom they requested, but did not receive any response from Apple. Journalists from Motherboard reported that they had access to one of the emails sent by the hackers to Apple.

The team is reportedly asking for 75.000 dollars in Bitcoins or 100.000 dollars on iTunes gift cards, setting 7 as payment deadline for

«There have been no violations of any of Apple's systems, including iCloud and Apple ID. The supposed list of email addresses and passwords seems to have been taken in the past by infringing third party services,"Says Apple.

The company added that it is actively monitoring its systems to prevent any unauthorized access to user accounts. He also said that you are working with law enforcement authorities to locate the criminals involved in this story.

Regardless of what Apple says, all service users of the company could change their passwords as a precautionary measure.

Please note that two-factor authentication activation is available as an additional security measure from Apple and you can use it.

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