Apple you buy a device with a cop gift

There is a lot of talk these days about Apple that decided to scan OUR devices to discover data showing child sexual abuse.

We could very simply say, we do not care, it will not find anything on our devices. It can scan our photos, videos and personal messages because we do not do such things.

field with cows

Of course the company can create a backdoor in the encryption system to prevent others from accessing it, and it as the owner of MY device will be able to bypass it to make the cop and create a better and more ideal world according to Cook who probably got the decision.

Ross Anderson, a professor of safety engineering at Cambridge University, said:

"It's a completely horrible idea, because it's going to lead to distributed mass surveillance μας of our phones and laptops.

But even if you think Apple will not allow the misuse of these tools… there is still a lot to worry about. These systems are based on a database of problematic "media hashes" that you, as a consumer, can not control… Hashes use a new and proprietary neural hashing algorithm developed by Apple… We do not know much about this algorithm. What if someone can decrypt it? ”

We buy a device and get a cop as a gift! By what right? Who appointed Mr. Cook to the position of super duper global cop?

Let's think a little objectively about the logic of the company. If someone is hiding such data on their device, why choose Apple iCloud? Why buy iPhone, iPad and everything in "i".

Will the company's decision ultimately serve other purposes? Will a backdoor to supposed end-to-end encryption eventually serve all US (and non-US) intelligence services?

A hole in the encryption means that the data could be found on servers of private companies, in Pyongyang and Moscow. MY data could be armed and turned against me; Our personal opinions will become known and some could try to influence them, they know how.

The neural networks and forecasting models of the big technology companies need information (big data). Soon they will be able to predict the crime and close us in jail before we commit it.

Who will be a law-abiding citizen if he thinks of committing a crime? Prosecutors, however, will continue to have jobs, as will all US agencies with the three initials.

What if Apple breaks its commitment to provide privacy to its users and we find out after 20 years from someone else Snowden?

Let's be optimistic, Apple (and every Apple) does what it does for a better tomorrow. To live in large green meadows without pedophiles and terrorists.

Like happy cows.

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