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iCar utopia? Rumors want Apple to think about the Tesla market

An interesting San Francisco Chronicle publication says Apple's iCar idea may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Apple reportedly had a meeting with Tesla some time ago, and the purpose of the discussion was to buy the carmaker.
According to her publication San Francisco Chronicle"In October 2013, investment analyst Adnaan Ahmad caused a stir in the media when he wrote an 'open letter' to Apple CEO Tim Cook calling for the company to acquire Tesla."


"Six months before Ahmad's letter, Musk met with Perica and possibly Cook at Apple headquarters, the source said, and they discussed something that remained secret to protect business relationships."

Some could assume that the meeting could have been about integrating iOS into future Tesla cars, but this is no reason for such secrecy.

So, perhaps seeing an iCar may not be a utopia.

The report also states that Bill Kreher, an analyst at Edward Jones Investments in St. Louis. Louis said: "Apple needs to rely more and more on new products to revitalize growth beyond what Steve Jobs saw. They need the next big product. ”

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