Apple: ban on Facebook because it monitors teenagers

Apple Inc. today announced Wednesday January 30 that it has banned access to Facebook Inc. by a program designed to allow businesses to control the iPhones used by their employees.

According to Apple, the largest social network used the program to record online teens' habits.Apple

Apple has a number of certificates that allow businesses to have full control over the iPhone of their employees.

Certificates allow companies to deploy applications remotely, monitor device usage and applications. In addition, companies using these certificates can delete data that is owned by the business and stored on the iPhone.

Apple designed this program (Developer Enterprise Program) for companies whose staff use iPhone for internal operations. Privacy requirements do not allow the use of this program on phones for personal use.

Apple Facebook ban: How did the story begin?

On Tuesday, TechCrunch Reported that Facebook pays users up to 13 years to install an app called Facebook Research. The app used Apple's tools and asked the iPhone user for permission to install virtual private network software that can monitor browsing habits.

Following the revelation, Apple cut off access to Facebook from the program, stating that the program was "exclusively for the internal distribution of applications in an organization."

"Facebook is using social networking users to distribute a data collection application to consumers, in clear violation of its agreement with Apple."


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