Apple is totally ignoring Valentine's Day this year

Although the previous year, the Apple had a series of promotional campaigns, this year did not promote any of its products as gifts for Valentine's Day.Apple

Over the last decade, every 14 in February Apple has always decorated it her online store with romantic themes of its products.

This year, Apple no longer promotes its devices as gifts, and simply mentions the advertising campaign "Start something new”(Start something new) on the welcome screen of her online website.


The obviously it does to keep the hype start something new and perhaps thinks it's much more important than a similar romantic campaign.


One reason for this may be Apple's upcoming smartwatch. Apple may believe that this will keep visitors anxious about its wearable product.

Another reason is perhaps that this particular campaign was recently created and it is not logical to download it immediately, even for one day.

It is also worth noting that Apple has never used Valentine's Day to offer discounts or any other special offers.

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