Apple Data and Privacy: download all your data

Apple Data and Privacy: Apple has created a new website for the data protection and privacy of its users. The site comes as part of the company's preparation for the upcoming GDPR that will come into force tomorrow 25 May.

Apple's new page has the essentials to its customers to help them view, delete, or download the data the company has collected about them. Apple Data and Privacy

Η Apple's Data and Privacy is already available in Europe, but the company is expected to make it available globally, following in the footsteps of Microsoft.

The new page Data and Privacy, Apple customers can have σε όλα (ή σχεδόν όλα) όσα διαθέτει η εταιρεία για τον λογαριασμό τους: αρχεία sign-in, σελιδοδεικτών, επαφών, εγγράφων και φωτογραφιών που έχουν αποθηκευτεί κατά καιρούς στο Cloud .

As you can see in the image above, you will also find the statistics χρήσης των εφαρμογών σας, μαζί με ένα αγορών από το App Store, καθώς και το ιστορικό υποστήριξης του AppleCare.

If you request to download your data, you will have to wait until the company has prepared your personal packet and notifies you of its receipt. If the file is large in volume, Apple will split the data into smaller files depending on your settings.

See the new website and ask for your data

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