Apple: We are a child pornography distribution platform

Apple fraud executive Eric Friedman told his colleague Herve Sibert that Apple is the largest platform for distributing child pornography.

The comment sheds light on why Apple follows a controversial program and automates child pornography checks on clients' phones and messages.

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Ο Eric Friedman is a senior mechanical director at Apple. However, security sites list his true role as "head of Apple's algorithm and fraud unit," also known as FEAR. Sibert is in charge of Apple security engineering and fraud, according to Profile on LinkedIn (Security and Fraud Engineering Manager).

It is important to note that a comment made in a private message is not the same as a full database analysis that compares multiple global platforms and details their ability and use to transmit illegal images and videos. Such an analysis would be provocative at best, impossible at worst.

The NSA informant, Edward Snowden, reported about the incident: It is dangerous and could easily be abused to scan anything else that the government or Apple decides is dangerous.

In any case, we now have a clearer idea, because Apple thought this was important enough to launch such a campaign.

If it detects many cases of child pornography, about 30, Apple will notify the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

Of course, there are many who are concerned about whether the search for illegal images may eventually "evolve" into a search for banned political topics with unauthorized content.

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