How to view the current Apple Event

Last week, Apple confirmed that it will hold an event today, 27 October, and according to the leaks and rumors circulating, the company is preparing to unveil the new MacBook Pro.

The event will be held in Cupertino at 8: 00 in the evening of

If you want to watch the streaming event from the Apple website, you can do it at the following address:, using:

Safari for iOS 7.0 or later
Safari 6.0.5 or later for OS X v10.8.5
Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
Apple TV (2 or 3 generation) with 6.2 or higher, or an Apple TV 4. You will find the event in Apple Events app.

In addition to renewing the MacBook Pro line-up, we might perhaps be hearing about news about new MacBook Air and iMac.

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