Apple and slowing devices: another dimension

Apple is a company known for its loyal customers. From computers to consumer electronics, the company's friends tend to prefer nothing more than apple products.

Apple's friends are listening a lot and will not hesitate to report in any way how much they love their products. They will also try to convince you that you should also get them.

At times when Apple did something that attracted negative attention from the press (eg bendgate), the company's friends were and are always ready to defend it. Woe to the author of an article that says something negative about the company, even criticizing her constructively.

So we know very well that it's a dirty work but someone has to do it.

What I do not understand is the unlimited belief in a trademark. Such behaviors make companies feel unbeatable and become particularly arrogant when they know that their followers will accept virtually everything and will even play the role of advocate in defending the defenseless.

There should be absolutely distinct limits for a brand to maintain a loss of confidence from its customers.

Apple's Battery Gate has caused a loss of confidence, but we do not know whether it will be lost by company friends, although several lawsuits have been filed by company owners who could have cost them billions of dollars in fines.

But Apple has money, and what we expect to see is what will happen after the iPhone X.

The style we know is: I beat the phone, I buy a new phone. Apple friends know it very well and of course the company knows it too.

As for the accusations now, we have been hearing them for years from various critics, who for the company's friends are conspirators. It was finally revealed by Apple itself that slowing the phones is not a conspiracy theory but that it only does to protect the battery life.

But how difficult is it now to trust Apple? Why not be attributed to the company's own innovation as new software releases and increased demands slow down the phones? Why not use the company to sell more devices?

The company's reputation is difficult to build and is based on quality and not on quantity and on the Middle Eastern solutions.

Apple will have to act quickly and correct this situation. The fact that she admitted her mistake does not mean it solved the problem as well.

The company announced yesterday that it will replace for 29 dollars the affected device's batteries (from iPhone 6 and beyond) instead of announcing a device recall, or a free replacement.

Why free?

The right thing for Apple would be to provide an extensive diagnosis to the end user and to tell him that battery performance falls instead of lowering the performance of the mobile processor. Such practices do not build relationships of trust with customers, even if they are one of the most fanatical.

The slowdown in processor speed should be the choice of the end-user before his cell phone goes to an authorized maintenance shop, as do some cars with a maintenance function to prevent the engine running at high speeds until it is repaired the problem by the delegation.

But cars have warning lights on the dashboard, while a typical smartphone end user has no idea what is happening on his mobile device.

The offer of replacing the battery for 29 dollars seems very small in what the company acquired for so many years in style: it pulled the phone, I bought a new phone.

Personally, I see Apple's move as an attempt to reduce the damage that will come from the complaints already filed but also from those that come.

Here, to mention that in addition to paying huge fines and settlements for company involvement in frauds and malicious business practices that almost certainly come, Apple will have to reconsider its plans.

The mood to say iPhone with batteries that can be replaced easier and cheaper is not a bad idea.

I can not say for sure what the nature of the punishment will be imposed on Apple if it comes from a consumer protection organization, governments or lawsuits filed. This will be decided in the courts.

What I can say for sure is that I am a friend of the company, (I have been using the iPhone for years now) and Apple has disappointed me.

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