Apple iPhone: request 999 damages twice dollars

Apple seems to have very serious problems as more and more iPhone users are complaining about slowing down their devices, with a lawsuit that requires 999 billions of dollars as compensation from the company.

The legal controversy started when Apple admitted earlier this month that it slows down older iPhones to deal with battery degradation.Apple iPhone

The plaintiffs claim that the company deliberately reduced the performance of iPhone as a solution to minimize the impact of worn out batteries without informing buyers.

This has made many of the company's existing customers buy newer models as Apple has never revealed that the slowdown in its older models can be fully restored by replacing the battery in these devices or by avoiding downloading iOS updates.

In addition, the lawsuit states that most customers have bought new iPhone models for better performance, and names iPhone 4 until iPhone 8 as the devices affected by the slowdown.

Apple has not commented on the lawsuit that has been filed, and it is possible that it will never issue a statement, especially when the number of people interested in a lawsuit is increasing daily.

Although it is very difficult to believe that the company could agree to a compensation of 999 billion dollars, Apple has a clear problem now, not necessarily for the law itself, but why its customers are losing their faith in company and its products.

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