Apple cleaning cloth at $ 19

If you're worried about safe cleaning of Apple products, you can now use the official $ 19 fabric made by Apple to do it. Yes, Apple also released a cleaning cloth after its last event, in addition to the new MacBook Pro, the M1 Pro and Max chips and the third generation AirPods.

The cloth with the Apple brand, we do not know what it is made of and is available in the market separately. Apart from the Apple logo, it is not clear how this particular fabric differs from a similar microfiber cloth that you can get for a few cents.

apple cloth

Apple, of course, recommends the use of a "soft, lint-free cloth" and the avoidance of "abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels or similar items" when cleaning the company's appliances. According to the company, its devices need this $ 19 fabric. On the fabric products page, Apple mentions that there is a compatibility list if you are wondering.

Reminiscent of the polishing cloth required to clean the precision Pro Display XDR. This particular cloth comes free with the Pro Display XDR. Obviously, $ 6.000 is the price you will have to pay if you want to include a piece of cloth in your market.

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