Apple cuts production of iPhone 13 due to lack of chips

Apple is struggling with the lack of components and it seems that it will slow down the production of the new iPhone 13, due to the lack of chips.

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Apple officially released the iPhone 13 last month, but as Tim Cook warned, the company is struggling with a lack of components caused by the global chip crisis. In other words, some Apple vendors may not be able to produce enough components because they do not have the chips for them, so Apple in turn has no choice but to cut production of the iPhone 13.

Could this affect the global catalog of the iPhone 13 and increase delivery times? It's rather unlikely, especially since the device is already available for same day delivery in several markets, but on the other hand, it could be a problem for Apple in the short term, as the company may not meet its production target for this year.

A report from Bloomberg reveals that Broadcom and Texas Instruments, two of its largest suppliers, are unable to meet Apple orders due to a lack of chips, and as a result the iPhone maker has reduced production requirements for other suppliers to align the entire chain.

Therefore, Apple is going to make about 10 million fewer phones in 2021 alone, although the company is expected to accelerate production early next year, when everyone expects the chip shortage to show more substantial signs of recovery.

The lack of chips has caused the headache in most industries, including the car market, where companies had no choice but to temporarily shut down production in many factories. Others, such as General Motors, kept production in some factories intact, but the vehicles they built were not equipped with some critical systems, with these cars eventually being transported to parking lots, waiting for the chips to arrive.

Experts believe the shortage will be resolved, in part, by the end of the year and could disappear completely at some point next year.

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