1984 Apple explains what a window and a mouse are

1984 computer users were measured. So the user manual should be very informative. So much to describe how the mouse works.apple logo

So, if you bought a Mac at that time Apple, you would also get a printed manual that included a chapter explaining the mouse's use mechanisms.

"Every move you make with the mouse moves the pointer in exactly the same way," says one of her suggestions, which today seems to be comical unnecessary.

"Usually, the pointer is shaped like an arrow, but it changes shape depending on what you do."

And for those who did not want to get into the process of learning the pioneering technologies from the manual, Apple also had a cassette called "A Macintosh Tour." The tape contained friendly voices trying to explain very important topics such as: "Mousing Around," "What's the Finder ?," and "Why Do I Have Windows?" on a soundtrack by artists of the new Wyndham Hill stream.

We may laugh today if anyone tries to explain what windows is, the Finder, or the mouse - but 1984 was probably important.

To understand what we mean by watching the series with her videos Apple

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