Apple Password Manager Resources the first open source

Apple today released a set of tools and resources to help password managers - and other applications - develop powerful passwords.

The new tools, collectively called Password Manager Resources, are open sourced on GitHub from today for all interested parties. Apple says the new tools are primarily intended to help password-management application developers (password managers) to create better applications for users.

Apple said that published these tools to address a long-standing issue with password management applications that affects users on all operating systems in the world and not just macOS and iOS.

The problem is that while password managers generate unique and strong passwords, many times these passwords are not compatible with the websites for which they are created.

Users who encounter such errors when creating a random password often end up choosing one of their own, which is often smaller and less secure than that created by the password management application.

Apple tools include lists password selection rules for many of the most popular sites today.

Apple says password managers who use its list of rules will start creating passwords that are strong and unique, but also compatible with the websites for which they are used.

In addition, Apple has also published a list of websites that share login credentials, a list that the company hopes will "make password auto-completion suggestions more useful."

In addition, Apple has shared a list of website URLs where users are redirected (currently) to change their passwords. Apple says this list will be very useful for password developers in case they find a weak password and want to take users directly to the password change page.

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