Apple plans to bring the very fast 802.11ac WiFi connectivity to the upcoming Mac


Having redesigned almost all of its products to Apple 2012, Cupertino's company probably will not change the design of Mac 2013. However, there is still reason to be excited about the Mac models that will be releasing the New Year, because Apple will upgrade their interior quite a bit.

If the very fast internet is what you are interested in, then you will be pleased to hear that a new report claims that Apple will present a new chipset this year, which will bring 802.11ac connectivity to the Mac.

According to The Next Web, Apple is working with Broadcom to bring the very fast 802.11ac chips to the Mac this year. 802.11ac is often referred to as 5G Wi-Fi because it gives the computer increased performance, more capacity, more coverage and even better battery life.

The rumors wanted Apple to showcase the particular chip on Mac's 2012, but it did not. 802.11ac is currently under test and if Apple introduces it to the new Mac then it will raise its profile a lot, while the other computer manufacturers will run once again to get it.

Of course, although Apple and Broadcom have reached an agreement on the new Wi-Fi chip, the second one is not over yet. It is still not known when they will be available, but when released, both iCloud and AirPlay are expected to grow dramatically, with the result that quality is equally great.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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