Apple removed Activation Lock from iCloud

In a surprise move, Apple decided to remove the iCloud Activation Lock that allowed users to control IMEI or serial number devices with iOS. From this week, the feature will no longer exist, since Apple has removed every trace from its site.

The change may be aimed at discouraging the company's customers from buying used iOS devices from other (private) and third-party vendors.Activation Lock

However, removing Activation Lock from iCloud will probably lead to an increase in theft of iPhones as perpetrators can sell these devices much easier.

Typically, when someone wants to buy an iOS device from a third party reseller or another person, he could check the IMEI of the device and see if it is locked or not before buying. The process was quite easy as the iCloud Activation Lock was available online.

After removing it from Apple, it's much harder for someone to check the status of an iOS device, and it's impossible to check online.

Beginning with 24 January, Apple advises customers to check for Activation Lock before purchasing a used device to make sure the device has been deleted and is no longer linked to the previous owner's account.

How; If you try to open the device and the lock screen appears instead of the Home screen, the device has not been erased.

You will then need to ask the seller to turn off the device completely from Settings / General / Reset / Delete all content and settings.

If you purchased a device that is still connected to the previous owner's account, you should contact the owner and ask him / her to switch off the device and remove it from his / her account.

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