A robbery target was the Apple Store in Paris on New Year's Eve


According to The Telegraph, the Apple Store in Paris, France, was the target of robbery on New Year's Day and stole one million dollar products.

Quote from The Telegraph:

Mascots entered the 9's back entrance in the evening, three hours after the closure of the shop at the time of the caretaker. During their business, they were slightly injured, instead of stealing the iPhone, iPad, and Mac on the tables, they went directly to the warehouse to "pick up" a large portion of the store's supply. Some of their accomplices were waiting for them in a van close to the store, where they loaded all the robberies while they were successful at 9: 40. You estimate that about four to five people are involved in the robbery.

Christophe Crepin, of the French police, said they had organized the blow very well. The large avenues near the shop helped the perpetrators to escape easily. In addition, the largest police force was mobilized to patrol the Champs-Elysées (the largest and busiest street in France), which the robbers knew and exploited very well to make their move.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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