Apple discovers Stylus

Η Apple seems to have solved a very old pen problem, and filed a patent. It was published today by the USPTO, and as it seems the term "communication stylus" is undoubtedly the best application of the concept that exists to date.Apple Logo

The project is currently only on paper, but the technology to build the device is already available.

Η Apple has considered all the available solutions and concluded that "the problem with all different types of pens is that everything requires the user to write on a specialized surface", adding that ΄ "there is a need for a pen that can enter data on a computing device, regardless of the surface on which it is used. "


The company therefore wants to create a stylus pen with accelerators that will operate your position sensors, providing tips for writing, a transmitter and a receiver, so that the user can be connected with accessories and add-ons.

In fact, the stylus will understand the movement of the hand, and will understand what the user is trying to write or draw by interpreting the changes in place, and transferring the results to a computer or smartphone.

Of course, this idea is not entirely new and such styluses are already in the market. However, Apple's is a refined version and considering how much the Apple 4.0 Apple loves, if it makes the project a reality, it will be the first device of its kind to boast of its long battery life.

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