Profit record for Foxconn thanks to iPhone


As you increased Apple's success in recent years, Hon Hai Precision Industry's (Foxconn) earnings are on the rise, which is almost entirely dependent on Apple.

That's why when Foxconn goes well with Apple and Apple, which especially pleased the crowd when they heard that Foxconn had the most lucrative quarter ever, thanks to the improved production of the iPad and iPhone 5.

According to Bloomberg, Foxconn's revenue increased by 5,6% to 37 billion dollars, and this corrected problems that damaged the production of the iPhone 5. In addition, due to better production, it is very likely that Foxconn has asked for something more than Apple.

The only negative that Foxconn will face in the coming months is that because of the rumors about the new iPhone and that the enthusiasm for iPhone 5 will be reduced enough, its production will be reduced.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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