Apple Wallpapers for iOS & MacOS download all images

Apple is known for two things. For the individual UIs in its products and its exact prices.
We will not talk about Apple's prices, but we'll stay more at making beautiful products. Below we will see how you can get all the Wallpapers ever released by the company for free. Apple Wallpapers

A Redditor has managed to collect every image ever released by Apple as iOS and macOS wallpapers. Let's see how you can download it all.

The albums you download will not only contain wallpapers, but any images that Apple has used before.
For example, the iOS image album also includes images used for iTunes gift cards.

The iOS album contains all the wallpapers for iPhone X, iOS 12, iOS 11, up to the first iOS. All images are HD. The wallpapers for iOS 3 are at 2048 × 2048 pixels, but the newer images are sized to better fit the screen of modern smartphones.

If you find that the wallpapers are too small or too squared for your device, check the wallpapers for iPad. Of course, after the iPad was released later, you will not find the iOS 3 images.

Download the icons for iOS.

The MacOS wallpapers album contains all the pictures of the desktop operating system of the company.

The wallpapers are all HD and you'll see that the size will fit perfectly on most screens.

Download the images for MacOS.

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