The debut of the first Apple Watch is expected in March

In March, 2015 places the first Apple smartwatch available (Apple Watch) in the United States, according to information cited by the The company had announced in early September, by mouth Tim Cook, that the Apple Watch will be released early in 2015.Apple Watch

The website that focuses on what Apple has to do is that Apple is going to launch a comprehensive training program for its store staff in the US from 9 to 16 February 2015.

With this program, it will familiarize them with the operation of the company's emerging smart gadget so that they are able to provide the required information to consumers.

The Apple Watch it has become officially known to be released in several versions, with prices starting from about 350 around dollars.

However, the price of Apple's smartwatch may surpass 1.000 dollars when it comes to the golden version of Apple Watch.

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