Apple Watch will be smarter than you think

A new publication this weekend from CNET gives more details on how Apple Pay will work on the upcoming Apple Watch device.Apple Watch UI

CNET's senior vice president of software and Internet services, Eddy Cue, spoke at CNET. He said users should type a PIN or use the touch ID to unlock the clock and make the payments, at least the first time. If they later choose to make another payment-purchase, the device will not again require a new authentication:

"You can [enter a password] if you want to, but you should not normally," Cue said.
"Right now the watch is not locked, and I could make payments without having to enter any code. If the watch slips out of my hand and comes to you, you will need to enter a security code or unlock your phone with the touch ID. ”

Cue also stated that his owners Apple Watch who do not have iPhone 6 will be able to use Apple Pay directly from Apple Watch without having to upgrade their phone.

The Apple watch will be able to detect if it has changed its wrist or not by using an infrared sensor on its back.

More details will be available at the Apple event on Monday, where, as expected, the company will present everything about the watch, such as price and availability according to TNW.

What's interesting and completely different to Apple's habits is that it's beginning to leak details of the upcoming clock over the last few weeks instead of waiting for the announcement day.

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