Take part in the research of the Department of Business Administration of TEI of Patras

In the framework of the Computational Intelligence course of the Department of Business Administration of the TEI of Patras, the trainees carry out a research aiming to study cognitive processes and aspects of the personality and behavior of students and students of the Greek Universities and Technological Educational Institutions of the country.research

The kids asked us to let the survey be made public to iGuRu.gr to be able to have more samples. If you wish to help by answering the questionnaire, you should be aware that your answers are anonymous and confidential and will not be used for any other reason than the scientific study. For this reason, please answer honestly and yourself. The observance of personal data is in accordance with the State Personal Data Protection Authority of the State (Law 2472 / 1997). When the results are published, nothing will betray the identities of those who participated.

Application of Methods of Mechanical Learning in the Assessment of Student Concentration

In this study, Engineering Mechanics techniques are used to assess students' concentration. The data was collected by completing online questionnaires, which were created based on the absorption scale and using the Google Forms service.

The online questionnaires were posted on the website http://www.cicos.gr created for this purpose. The sample consists of students aged from 18 to 28 years old. The absorption scale was constructed to determine the concentration that is considered a key parameter for the development and management of depression.

The absorption scale that evaluates 2 absorption subtypes (internal and external) examines the extent and duration of concentration (internal absorption) as well as the management of external concentration in a particular work item.

Then, the collected data was selected for analysis, with relevant transformations, to be appropriately formatted to meet the requirements for the implementation of the corresponding engineering learning algorithms. For data analysis we used the Weka open source software package, which contains a variety of Mechanical Learning and Data Mining methods.

In addition, the parameters of the corresponding algorithms were determined, depending on the case of application, in order to produce conclusions for deducting rules. In conclusion, the significance of exported rules / conclusions was evaluated

Scale of Absorption (Sakamoto)

Please note with a circle whether each of the following sentences applies to you,

ie whether each proposal describes or describes yourself.

Please answer the questionnaire by clicking on the link below:

Scale of Absorption (Sakamoto)

[S. SAKAMOTO, 1998. Translation and Customization in Greek: P. FUTURE, 2000]

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