New Google Earth on April 18

Google has announced that it is preparing to release the "new Google Earth" at an event next week. The company declined to share more details about the upcoming event.

But according to the invitations sent by Google, the event will take place on 18 April, four days before Earth Day, which is celebrated internationally at 22 in April.Google Earth

Google Earth provides users with a way to move around the earth to explore new areas, or to locate what they already know. In recent years, the company has launched the Maps app very much, with continuous upgrades, neglecting the development of Google Earth.

Of course, with the upcoming event, Google is probably preparing to present new upgraded features on the device. He would not announce a special event for Google Earth simply to remind us that he exists.

The most likely scenario is to see a completely redesigned tool, perhaps faster. The new application could contain more up-to-date images than the satellites working for the company.

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So we are waiting for the revelation…

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