April 2019 Update When will we see the next Windows 10?

It is clear that Microsoft is in the final stages of deploying Windows 10 in the 1903 version, or the April 2019 Update. This week two builds were released on Fast Ring, with no new features, but a list of bugs, following the development pattern we've seen in previous updates.

In the past, the company had major updates to Windows 10 via Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month, meaning that only three weeks have elapsed since the release of the next major release.Windows 10 April 2019 Update

Of course we should mention that there are some problems that remain unresolved. A green-screen-of-death error caused when using games containing it anti-cheat software of BattlEye was a bug of 1903's previews that for many months Microsoft continues to classify it as unresolved.

The extent and impact of this error is so important that the Slow Ring had not released too many 1903 versions throughout the development process. Microsoft felt it could affect too many users and avoided making it available to the wider audience.

Logical as BattlEye is used by PUBG and Fortnite, among others. The company finally released in February a release on the Slow Ring, but blacklisted all systems running illegal third-party software.

Microsoft has long said it is working with BattlEye to resolve the problem, but so far there seems to be no progress.

A second error still appears on list of known errors, is with Creative X-Fi sound cards that according to Microsoft "do not work properly". The problem is similar to the BattlEye issue. It was first registered as a known bug by build 18305, which was released on December 19 last year. As with BattlEye, Microsoft says it is working with Creative to address the issue.

On the other hand, Microsoft needs at last an update (April 2019 Update) that will be released without problems to restore confidence in the company's development and information processes.
If Creative and BattlEye can not offer solutions, Redmond will have to wait a little longer for the next major release. Unless, of course, he decides to release the next major release, as it is, by faithfully following the development timeline.

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