Google's prank jokes so far

Καθώς το Διαδίκτυο έχει πλημμυρίσει με Πρωταπριλιά αστεία, η Google δεν θα μπορούσε να χαλάσει την παράδοση της και να μην δημοσιεύσει ένα σωρό φάρσες. Οι περισσότερες από αυτές είναι πραγματικά διασκεδαστικές, και αξίζουν την you.


So let's see what was done Google so far to honor 1 in April.



And suddenly Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man with the streets of your neighborhood. This joke isn't exactly new, as the company had released it back in 2015, but it may have been repeated because it was so popular when it first came out.

However, we played Pac-Man on the streets around Omonoia square, which is why photography has taken place.

Google Gnome

Ο Dieter Bohn had written to Twiiter a pun on a paraplegic joke. It's a smart nano-gadget that can tell you the direction of the wind, open the tap and let your child know about all the living beings that decompose into your garden

New must-have accessories on your Chromebook

Goggle decided 1 in April to announce a new range of accessories for your Chromebooks. Now the Chromebook can become a fitness tracker thanks to the special wristbando, or become a VR device with the special headset. And of course, the selfie pole cannot be missing.

Η θα φτιάξει ένα on Mars

Google "has plans" to open one data center on the surface of the Red Planet next year. You have the option to save your data exclusively to Mars where it will be outside the jurisdiction of the NSA's indiscriminate eyes.
“Even if Earth faces a hit from an asteroid like the one that destroyed the dinosaurs, your cat videos, your selfie photos and other valuable data will still be safe. Of course, all public scientific data, history and the arts will be stored free of charge, so that the next global catastrophe will not send humanity back to dark times. "

Goggle Wind

In order to drive away clouds and rain from Western Europe, the local team in the Netherlands presented Goggle Wind, a series of intelligent engineered windmills that can blow away the cloudy or rain only where needed. In the past, many of the junk jokes of the Goggle Cloud platform had to do with the cloud issue.

Gogogle Bubble Wrap Typing

The Japan Google team that 2015 gave us Google kazoo, this year invented a new form of typing. It's about it Double Wrap a machine that writes in a plastic bubble wrap (or Puchi Puchi, in Japanese). The machine allows you to create, inflate some bubbles to form words and suggestions, and then the recipient reads the message with a corresponding blister reader. Some even have the aroma of air where the bubbles were created so that they can smell the sea breeze like Hawaii etc.

Google toys for pets

Google introduces Google Play for pets. You can find apps, , training tools for your dog, your cat, your hen, your turtle and any pet that is bored and needs to be occupied.

Haptic Helpers

The Haptic Helpers is a group that comes to your home to enhance your virtual reality by simulating aromas, flavors, and bodily sensations that will be accompanied with the audio and visual stimuli of virtual reality. Because what really takes VR to take off is someone to bring a spicy cheese to your face when you are virtually visiting Paris.

Google Translate now understands the extraterrestrial language from the movie Arrival

Η Heptapod B is the last language supported by Google Translate via a camera. You can instantly translate text that has been taken with your phone's camera in that language.

These are Goegle's lies so far. Probably by the end of the day to get more. However, we at SecNews wish you to spend a beautiful Saturday night's night. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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