Arch Linux 2021.08 download the new ISO

The Arch Linux operating system today released a new ISO for new installations. Arch Linux is a well-known distribution that follows a rolling release model.

For those unfamiliar with this model the user installs the operating system once and receives updates forever. The Arch Linux distribution, however, also releases monthly ISO images that contain all the package updates that were sent through its repositories throughout the previous month.

screenshot 2021 07 02 17 31 09

Thus the Arch Linux version 2021.08 is here, with the latest Linux kernel series 5.13.6 (the 5.13.7 point release kernel is already in repos and will be upgraded soon). The new version brings many new features and improvements, such as support for Microsoft's exFAT file system, the "lockdown" security feature and application memory management on Android.

screenshot 2021 07 02 17 26 18

In addition, Arch Linux 2021.08 brings the latest packages and security updates that have been released in the past, which makes ISO a must-have for anyone wanting to install Arch Linux on new computers.

screenshot 2021 08 03 20 50 41

  Once again, we would like to emphasize that Arch Linux 2021.08 is only here for new installations. All new Arch Linux ISOs are for those who want to install a new copy of Arch Linux on their PCs without having to download hundreds of updates from distribution repositories.

So if you are already using the distribution by running the sudo pacman -Syu command you will have a fully updated system. For those who want to install or try the new version of Arch Linux, they can download the ISO from the official website.

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