Arch Linux what do I do after installation?

Arch Linux… After what? Linux is a popular operating system for many different reasons. One of its biggest benefits is the fact that it allows you too many conversions to bring it to your feet. Distributions like Ubuntu, or Mint will let you know Linux. But if you have gone through this stage and want to try something new, think about Arch Linux.Arch Linux

In previous publication, we saw that you can install Arch Linux on your computer as simple as possible (which is probably not the case if you do not already know some basic Linux basics).

Today we will see what follows after installation as well operating system it contains nothing but the basic tools of linux.

Install the Yaourt Package Tool

Yaourt comes out of the initials of Yet Another User Repository Tool and is a packet wrapper that will help you install AUR repository packages. AUR comes from the original Arch User Repository, a large Arch archive repository containing over 44.000 packages.

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Open a terminal window and type the following command:

nano /etc/pacman.conf

Copy and paste the following lines at the end of pacman.conf
Tip: Move to nano with the arrow keys and save each document with: CTRL + X, followed by Y and Enter.

[archlinuxfr] SigLevel = Never Server =$arch

We continue with the installation of Yaourt

pacman -Syu yaourt

Use Yaourt

yaourt -Syu

Add the Packer Package Tool
The packer is another packet wrapper that will help you install packages from the AUR and Pacman repositories.

You should run the following commands from your terminal as a simple user (not root).

sudo pacman -S base-devel fakeroot jshon expac git wget wget mv PKGBUILD \? h \ = packer PKGBUILD makepkg sudo pacman -U packer - * .pkg.tar.xz

Use the Packer

packer -Syu

Arch Linux Installation of various programs and media codecs

Run the following command:

sudo pacman -S firefox vlc pinta geany opera thunderbird exfat-utils fuse-exfat a52dec faac faad2 flac jasper lame libdv libdv gst-libav libmpeg2 libtheo libvorv libcv libcv libcv libcv libcv dvdauthor dvgrab p264zip unrar tar rsync

Install Google Chrome from AUR

yaourt -S google-chrome

Install the Pamac Manager

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If you do not like the commands from the terminal you can install Pamac Manager. It will help you in installing, uninstalling and updating packages with GUI.

Install the Package Manager with GUI

yaourt -S pamac-aur

Install Skype from AUR

yaourt -S skypeforlinux-bin

Install Teamviewer from AUR

yaourt -S teamviewer

At the terminal type the following commands as root (su -) to start the service and stay on.

systemctl start teamviewerd.service systemctl enable teamviewerd.service

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