Arch Linux acquires installer from April 2021

The Arch Linux will acquire a glamorous new feature: a guided installation tool. Its new versions Arch Linux which will be released with the new installation guide, (archinstall), will come later in April 2021.

One of the main difficulties of its use Arch Linux was the installer. For many newcomers to Linux but also for some regular users, the installation process Arch Linux it is not very practical.

Arch Linux what do I do after installation?

The new archinstall package brings some of the most common installation procedures for a new operating system, such as:

  • Select a disk and set a disk password
  • Format and format the disk with GPT (GUID Partition Table
  • Installs a basic version of it Arch Linux
  • You can install standard packages such as nano, wget and git
  • Includes an option to install the awesome window manager

Before you rejoice, you should know that the new installation wizard does not come with a GUI. It is still a command line tool, but the difference is in the ease of operation of Archinstall.

The general answer to the new installer Arch Linux was positive. User reviews indicate that the development team Arch made at least a few installation steps easier and this can only be good for distribution.

I also think this is great because Arch Linux is an amazing distribution. Sure, this guided installer is not the most user-friendly, but if you can not manage it, then you do not need the Arch. So it's a good way for new entrants to see it Arch without being disappointed.

However, some users are not so sure, claiming that "Forums will be flooded with users who do not know what they have installed."

That's a good remark, but someday the mods will have to untie the knot. Distribution forums are already full of people who can not do simple things that can be done with other distributions. It is also full of people who close the posts of new users.

Overall, this is a good step for you Arch Linux which will help more people to start using a great distribution Linux.

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