Arch Linux easy installation with calamares installer

A Sourceforge account probably owned by a Greek developer (Current Release: Calam-Arch-Installer-2021-08 Kernel: 5.13.6, Brought to you by: kyknos123), offers a modified ISO of the distribution Arch Linux which allows you to install it with the calamares installer.

arch linux

For those who do not know it Arch Linux, it is a rolling distribution, ie it is constantly updated without having to install it from the beginning. It offers the latest version of each package, usually including the kernel.

I have been using the distribution for many years and I can assure you that it is very stable. But it is not for beginners.

The project page states:

Now you can easily install a cleaner arch linux from Arch Live Linux with the Calam-Arch-Installer via video instructions, following the steps.

Install it on Legacy-Bios or UEFI,

You can choose from 9 graphical installation environments, Xfce, Gnome, Plasma, Cinnamon, Budgie, Openbox, I3, Mate, and Deepin


  • Install Legacy-UEFI
  • Choices Install Desktop, Gnome-Xfce-Plasma-Cinnamon-Budgie- Mate-Deepin-I3-Openbox
  • Enabled multilib + pamac
  • Support Luks Yes
  • Rolling
  • Updated

You can download the ISO from the Sourceforge page

Watch the video with the beginning of the installation

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