Arch Linux the first distribution with Linux 5.0 Kernel

Arch Linux anyone? Linux is a popular operating system for a variety of reasons. One of its biggest advantages is the fact that it allows you a lot of conversions to get it right.

Distributions like Ubuntu, or Mint will let you know Linux. But if you have gone through this stage and want to try something new, you will well think about Arch Linux.Arch Linux

Distribution is one of my favorites and one that I use more than others.

The reasons are many:

Stability (although there are many who argue that cutting edge distributions do not offer any stability), instant updates, and of course the configuration that starts directly from installation.

After the latest Linux distribution, the latest 5.0 Linux Kernel was installed. So Arch Linux is one of the first to acquire the new Kernel, immediately after its release.

You can download the ISO distribution, if you want to try it. Installation instructions already exist on

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