Archive Google emails (offline storage on our PC)

In case of a member question, the procedure to save our emails from our gmail account locally on our computer is as follows:

1) We visit the link / takeout? pli = 1

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Select Uncheck All and select only Mail.
By default, it will save all our subfolders.
For example, if we want to save only the Inbox, then we click on
"All Mail data included" and deselect "Include all messages from Mail"

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Select Inbox and click OK at the end of the list

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Our final choice:

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At the bottom of the page click Next Step
We have the option to schedule a periodic export of our data and select the type of compression for the file to be downloaded.

The size selection is about whether the file will be partitioned to a certain size. If the data is over 2Gb (eg 2.3Gb) then we will have a 2GB zip and a 0.3Gb.

It also gives the option of 50Gb, useful if we download data from Drive etc.

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Click Create Export

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and when done press Download

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We are asked to verify the account (we give the password) and the zip file is downloaded.

We export the files and in the folder we will find the following


Archive_browser gives us the management information of the mbox file that exists in the Takeout> Mail folder.

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If you do not have a configured email client program, then download the Windows MBox Viewer from here / mbox-viewer /

Export the program, run mboxview.exe, select
Select folder...

1630593668133001 1896157171

the folder where the mbox file is located

1630593679679012 1896157171

We click OK on all the notifications that it shows us and we have at our disposal offline (offline) our emails

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Written by Lefteris

IEK Computer Applications, Networks and Office Automation Technician 2003

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