Free avatar with AI is a site that creates free avatars with AI technology, based only on the description you give it.


This site takes the description of the avatar from you and then uses AI to create a unique avatar that you can save to your computer. Artflow shows you your last 6 creations and you can also browse avatars created by other people on the site.

The site is completely free, there is no registration, but as it often states you will have to wait in line to create your avatar. Although we are not sure that the wait is just a publicity stunt, because we did not wait for the 2 minutes he asked for. We just refreshed the page before the expected time and the avatar was already ready.

We tried it and created 4 avatars, and the result was quite fun and accurate, depending on the description you give.

Of course we never understood why he portrayed iguru as a auburn girl with green eyes !! : D



The more detail you give to your description, the closer the avatar will be to your tastes. Avatars are in WebP format and to save an avatar, just right-click on any image and then select "Save Image as…".

The only downside is that it leaves a small watermark on the photo, but you can remove it simply by cropping the image.

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