The security of Open RANs is "equivalent" to that of "traditional" RANs

Η technology Open RAN not is neither worse neither better from the traditional RAN as far as Concerns the security, according with a new report που financed from The governments of USA, of Japan, of Australia in the upcoming years, while of of India.

open ran

'THE use of the open ones networks radio access (Open Radio Access Networks - Open RAN) does not change radically the landscape of risks security of communications compared to traditional RAN. Most by threats analyzed in present exposure affect both the traditionally networks as well as the open RAN, while only the 4% is determined as a especially for the open RAN". "With the λήψη meters mitigation, is possible to be secured comparable flat security into a traditional in the upcoming years, while open implementations RAN".

Η 165pages report commissioned and funded by the Home Office Cases and its Communications Japan, in collaboration with partners, between of of which non named providers networks mobile telephony. Carried out by the working group Quad Critical & Emerging Technologies. In the US, the report published by NTIA, One organization that advises the White House into a telecommunications and information policy issues.

Η NTIA explains that “the report shows that the open RAN Offer significantly benefits for cyber security, that the risks that are connected with the open RAN is common with The traditional RAN deployments and that the dangers they can be mitigated and controlled through the recommendations that are formulated in exhibition".

Η summary of the exhibition he says that "the Open RAN is almost equal to traditional classic RAN from point of view security". The open RAN is expected to increase the "surface attack" of the network into a small degree compared to the traditionally RAN". "In total, the 4% of security threats that analyzed considered that concern especially the Open RAN. " The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

Translations are like women. When they are beautiful they are not faithful and when they are faithful they are not beautiful.

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