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Ashampoo ActionCam: Action cameras are always at the heart of most shots nowadays. The resulting videos are often unstable because the camera was unable to stabilize them. This can of course give an interesting momentum, but it can also make viewing experience much more stressful.

Ashampoo ActionCam has a new generation of video stabilization! Even manual shots become more stable for a realistic, smooth viewing experience - with maximum resolution!ActionCam

Ashampoo ActionCam Stop the deformations!

Wide-angle and fisheye lenses place viewers at the center of the action. However, when watched on a computer or TV screen, many would prefer to have the "normal" view. Ashampoo ActionCam corrects lens distortions like magic! The program includes a number of camera profiles, including the GoPro line, for realistic visual effects without distortion at the touch of a button!

Ashampoo ActionCam optimization of contrast and color

Improve video quality by optimizing colors and contrasts. With just a few clicks, your shots will look more vivid, realistic and interesting. Use the white balance to make your videos appear hotter or cooler and selective brightness, shade and shadow to add that extra individual touch.
Wherever your videos come from, multi-dimensional optimization at Ashampoo ActionCam will help you create amazing visual effects. Effective video editing in your hands!

Fast downloads and downloads taken by drones often come with poor clarity. Ashampoo ActionCam has excellent quality optimization algorithms to remove any visible blur from your videos. Built-in multi-stream editing helps you work even faster with multi-click editing with one touch!

Ashampoo ActionCam Cut video you need

Some programs have difficult-to-use processors that take a lot of time to learn. The ActionCam Video Editor focuses on the tools you really need! Rotate and flip your videos with fixed or customized steps and use the crop to highlight the details of your shots. Export your downloads or merge multiple clips into a final video more easily than ever before!

Work with texts and effects

In many cases, comments and effects provide the ultimate touch for your videos. Ashampoo ActionCam lets you add text and stunning effects such as tilt shift. Selected data blurring in videos has incredible results in landscaping. Unleash your creativity and give your personal touch to astonish your friends.

Giveaway immediately has for you 5 licenses of the Ashampoo ActionCam application.

Comment this post (not on social media). The winners will be announced after a draw and the licenses will be sent to the emails listed in the comment box. Your email is only visible to administrators.

The contest is valid for our readers in Greece and Cyprus.

You will receive your gifts on the night of March 6st.

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