Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 Earn 5 licenses

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 is a video editing software for cropping, editing and converting videos. The new 3 version will be released on May 27 of 2019.

The user can reduce and add background music to his videos, apply effects and unique transitions and save his videos in hundreds of formats, profiles and analyzes.

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

Create high resolution videos with individual cuts, transitions and effects! With support for 4K, Dolby 5.1, and fast conversion, Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 is the selection tool for creating high quality videos.

Improve the visual quality of your clips, add sound, use transition or other video effects and add text to the beginning or end of the video with ease to give your videos a professional look. Cut out annoying ads and turn your videos into hundreds of formats and resolutions optimized for a huge range of devices on iOS, Android, and more.

Use cutting-edge technology and bring your recordings to life with sounds and animations.

Accurate cuts are one of the strengths of Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3.

We have redesigned the processor for fast speeds and ease of use. All you need is a single look to understand the processor and you are ready to make high-precision cuts for perfect results.

Remove ads and individual scenes or rearrange them to change the flow of your videos. Of course, you can also merge separate videos into a single file!

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

No movie is perfect, but a little change can change everything.

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 helps you unleash the full potential of your movies with no image optimization. Adjust color saturation, brightness, contrast or redefine scenes to get the most out of your videos - all at the touch of a button!

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

A decent video editing suite should support many output formats to cover a wide range of fixed devices and web portal.

That's why Movie Studio Pro 3 not only exports to AVI, MKV, MP4 and WMV, but also provides optimized export profiles for Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion and other similar websites.

The program also has optimized profiles for mobile devices from Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft, Sony and other manufacturers. All you have to do is select the desired output quality and you're ready to convert!

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

Low quality sounds or environmental noise can completely destroy the atmosphere in a movie.

Putting music or voice feedback on the other hand can greatly improve it.

Movie Studio Pro 3 comes with a huge collection of music for the background and sound effects that will make your scenes more dynamic. Bring your movies to life and take off your videos with a wide range of sounds or your own sound and refine them with the built-in equalizer!

Download: (433,41 MB)


  • Fast and easy precision cuts
  • Multi-piece processor
  • Create your own documentaries with professional designs and subtitles
  • High resolution 4K video and perfect mobile compatibility
  • Record sound, cut and comment on your videos
  • New live animations and transitions
  • Export to hundreds of forms and analyzes for any purpose
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