Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder

The application Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder which we had presented for the first time a few days ago in an exclusive Review before being posted on the company's website, just released officially.


Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder automatically finds and downloads the most suitable covers for your MP3. In this process, the application discovers all ID-3 metadata missing from your MP3, making them easily identifiable and searchable. So organizing them by category is now a game. Most playback applications rely on these metadata to sort your music, e.g. by artist, album, or genre. Once your MP3s are fully tagged, your favorite music player will take over the rest.

Very fast navigation - handy Different high contrast colors for maximum readability Optimized control for Mouse and touch Flexible, with one click, everything is done: transfers - processes from the file, from the folder, from my music, drag and drop from iTunes

MP3 line sorting and automatic navigation for fast editing Album and single: Find album artworks or just MP3 Technology Intelligent cache for quick results based on connection type and load balancing Automatically completing MP3 tracks with covers and compatible ID data -3

Cover and ID-3 tag editor supported by local image files

Access multiple reliable online resources

Price: After a trial of 10 days, you are given the ability to subscribe to the Ashampoo database and automatically the test time will be extended for 20 days.

A license for one year costs 29,99 €.

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