Ashampoo Privacy Protector comes in

The Ashampoo software company has developed and is preparing to release it Ashampoo Privacy Protector. The new security software will be released on July 20 and basically comes to provide secure encryption and decryption methods on your computer.

Encrypt and archive your files with Privacy Protector!

Privacy Protector offers an innovative method that includes encryption, compression and cleaning. Instead of having to use separate tools that may not work well together, you can now rely on a single, well-balanced solution that is simple and understandable.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1

Ashampoo Privacy Protector will also eliminate any traces of using your PC.

  • Maximum encryption for your personal data
  • Burn and archive data safely with high security recording
  • Use your slips as your primary keys
  • Work without passwords. Use existing files and images as passwords
  • Delete sensitive information totally and permanently
  • Find and eliminate traces of your systemashampoo privacy protector

Encrypt, delete, clean, and squeeze with maximum security. Encrypt your files easily with proven encryption AES256, burn the result to each disc and delete the source files permanently. Sounds easy? But it is! And you no longer need to remember complicated passwords. Just attach your stick and automatically generate a master key. You can also use your files, e.g. images, as master codes without having to remember any password. Do you want to email your files? It only takes one click to create an email with one attachment. And because of the high demand, we've also added a system cleaner that removes junk files from your computer - and it's customizable as well.

We tested the software and we present some features that made us feel.

Very easy to use

Its home screen and generally the simple UI do not leave room for mistakes. Very simple program even for non-experienced users.start

With the first screen of the application, you have access to almost all its functions. With a click on "Scan System" the application will automatically start checking the programs you are running on Windows and Windows itself, for possible vulnerabilities that could lead to leaks of your personal data.

scan ashampoo privacy protector

Immediately afterwards, he will let you know if the vulnerabilities he discovered are critical, directing you to fix them.

For example in our case you can see Flash. Flash Cookies were easily deleted with one click from the same screen.


On the first screen there is the option to encrypt, decrypt and create a security key. Maximum encryption and easy handling make the application a particularly reliable tool.encrypt

We ran the encrypt and tried it in two sensitive files (.reg and .rar)


As you can see in the picture below, the application gives you the ability to compress and verify encrypted files. As extra options, it can instantly erase files that have been encrypted or create a self-extracting file!


Immediately on the next screen you can use a password, a key, or a file to encrypt your data.

key ashampoo privacy protector

Encryption was immediate (we did not try it in a large file) and quite easy even for a beginner.


Decrypting now, was just as simple a process, from Decrypt Data, you select the file you want to decrypt, enter your password, or key and you are ready. Immediately after the decryption we checked the files and they were intact.decrypt ashampoo privacy protector

Mention that creating a key file is a game, just plug in a USB, and with one click on "Create Key File" you are ready!

key file ashampoo privacy protector

We found the application, particularly useful for home use. Its price when released will be at 40 Euro.

Ms: We tried the app in English as it was not yet translated into English. According to the manufacturers, the program will also be released in Greek.



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