AskAdmin v1.9 cut off access to applications, files and folders

Do you want to restrict access to people who have access to your computer? Can you cut off access to specific programs, services and files on a computer with AskAdmin?

encryption software

You can easily block access to selected applications, files and folder contents.

AskAdmin can block most resources on your PC, such as Microsoft Store, Microsoft EDGE, Google Chrome, Skype, embedded applications (eg UWP), CMD & BAT scripts, reg data, and more.

To further block access to blocked data, AskAdmin.exe can also be used with an optional password.

AskAdmin is a portable application which means that it does not need to be installed, and is ideal for those who have children at home and for business computers.

If you are interested in the application you can download it for free from the following link:

File: AskAdmin_x64.exe │ Virustotal
MD5: 5b181b40fd4324d4f6bfb8a067d3cd7e
SHA1: 97ed250f0c84c3c99c5b10240ca8cf1da7a4380f

File: AskAdmin.exe │ Virustotal
MD5: e5c3bc70c03d6c1a7b932f22a12109e4
SHA1: d1f3ca0fbc1585724a6c6d8835d19faba12c28bf

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