AskYourPDF: Chat with a pdf document via AI

AskYourPDF is a free ChatBot that lets you have a conversation with it over the content of any PDF document.


AskYourPDF does not require registration like OpenAI's ChatGPT and without any limit you can either upload the pdf file from your local system or directly from the internet and ask the bot what you want on the text contained in said pdf.

It uses AI technology to help you understand and interact with your documents more effectively and efficiently.

Chatting through artificial intelligence has become a bit of a fad but there are times when it's actually very useful. AskYourPDF makes the process of document exploration fun and easy, as you don't need to read a pdf file to understand what you're referring to.

Once you upload the file you will get a summary of it as well as possible questions you can ask it based on the text. You of course can ask it whatever you want but it should be related to the text of the pdf since all the chatbot's answers are based on it.

He speaks and reads the Greek language. It is probably not based on ChatGPT or does not "pull" answers from it, as in our tests the two bots each gave us a summary of the text we uploaded to them but with different wording and analysis.

How does it work:
1. Go to AskYourPDF by clicking here.

2. Drag and drop the PDF file into the white box. Alternatively, you can click "Upload PDF here" and specify the web link of the PDF file.

3. Once the PDF is uploaded, the Chatbot will provide you with a very brief summary that will tell you exactly what the document is about and possible questions related to it.

4. To ask any question, type / paste it in the text box at the bottom and press Enter.

5. Wait for some time while AskYourPDF processes the question and displays the result on the screen.

6. You can export the entire chat as a PDF document by clicking the 'Export Chat as PDF' link at the top of the page.

AskYourPDF can prove to be a great tool for educators, students, researchers, and others who work extensively with content in PDF format. In our tests bat didn't always complete its summary (as does ChatGPT), but it's still worth a try. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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