Funny Wi-Fi names

The name of a Wi-Fi or SSID, makes it easy to find your own network immediately, but when the name is funny at the same time then it becomes fun for all your neighbors.

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If you have just purchased a brand new router, there are some first steps you can take, such as choosing a Wi-Fi wireless network name. The companies make sure to provide you with a standard name that usually contains their brand, eg Cosmote-b4g657, but on the one hand it is not easy to remember, and most importantly it is completely indifferent.

You can if you want to change it, by choosing one of the following funny names, so that you and your neighbors have fun.

Personal SSIDs make it easy for your network to be detected when connecting new devices, and they also serve as a chat starter when friends come home.

Here are some of the best Wi-Fi names you can use for your router. Of course, humor is completely subjective, so we will try to give you a list of the widest possible variety of ideas. Hopefully you will find at least one or two funny SSID names that you will like.

Note that the SSID name must be in Latin alphanumeric characters. The SSIDs of the mobile access points from mobile phone can also have Greek characters.

To tzampa pethane
LAN Solo
Winter is coming
This is mine
Konta ta xeria sou apo to LAN mou
Mama syndesou edo
free WiFi
An mporeis spasto
Police Van 4
Area 51 Test Site
Searching ...
Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
Text ### - #### for Password
To Password einai 1234
Agorase diko sou
Dora the Internet Explorer
Titanic Syncing
Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
Epson Setup
Geia sou geitona
(.) (.) ta ligoureyeste
The party is here
To klouvi me tis trelles
Ante geia
Pata to
Ksero poy meneis
Gia Vazeles mono
An den pianeis kala pesto

Of course there is also the possibility to find, become vindictive or send a political message etc. Do not expect us to write such expressions here. The above list is enough for the funny names.

Tips for choosing a smart Wi-Fi name
Whether you decide to use one of the above funny SSID names or another one of your own creation, there are some important guidelines to consider:

  • Aim for unique and memorable names so you can remember them.
  • The best Wi-Fi names never include personal information such as your real name, address, apartment number, date of birth, etc. Giannis91 is probably targeting you.
  • Never provide an SSID associated with the network password.
  • Avoid provocative SSIDs that could make your network a primary target for hackers in your neighborhood. They may not break it, but they will cause you delays and interruptions.

If you follow these tips, there are not many network security risks to worry about. If you are thinking of hiding your SSID to keep hackers away, do not bother. Even if the SSID is not transmitted, others can find it using packet sniffer and crawl requests.

How to change the Wi-Fi name (SSID network)
After reading all these SSID names and selecting one for your network, you will need to change a setting on your router to pass the name.

This may not sound easy, but the process is rather simple. Just follow the instructions below carefully and you will be fine, even if you have not done it before.

1. Log in to your router as an administrator
Each router manufacturer provides its own unique control panel that you can view through any browser. It is usually different from brand to brand, it may even differ from model to model, but the overall connection process is almost the same for everyone. For example, we are in Windows 10 and will be using a TP-Link router.

If you did not configure your router for the first time and someone else did, then do the following step, otherwise you can skip it because you know what to do to connect to your router's control panel.

Open a command prompt (search for "Command Prompt" in the "Start" menu) and type ipconfig.


In the results that appear, find Default Gateway (Default portal). This is the IP address of your router. If you type it in the address bar of a web browser, you should see your router admin login page.

windows 10 router config admin login

Most of the time, it is or ή If not, you should look for the instructions in your router's manual to see if there are any specific steps. For example, sometimes the login address is a real URL like

As for administrator login credentials, you can also find the default for your router in the manual. However, the admin / admin is a popular combination used by many manufacturers, followed by admin / password and the admin / 1234 .

2. Change the SSID of the router
Once connected, look for the navigation bar. For us, all the options are on the left sidebar. For you, it may be extended at the top or bottom of the page or it may be located in a drop-down menu in a corner.

windows 10 router config sidebar navigation

Look for a section called wireless, Wireless Networks, Wi-Fi, Wireless Settings (Wireless Networks, Wi-Fi, Wireless Network Settings) or anything related. Click on it and you will be taken to a page that allows you to change the SSID name. In some cases, it may have a more user-friendly tag instead of an SSID, such as Wireless Network Name (wireless network name), in our case.

windows 10 router wireless network ssid

Enter the SSID you want, click Save (Save) and you're done. This will disconnect all your devices, forcing them to reconnect to the newly named network (because in the eyes of one device, the old network no longer exists and the different name indicates a new network).

3. Change other router settings (optional)
Since you are already logged in to your router, we recommend that you modify some other settings to optimize your internet performance and increase the security of your connections.

You should definitely change both the administrator password on the router panel and the Wi-Fi password. The first one should be under System Tools (or something similar), while the second one should be in the Wireless Security area (or something similar). In any case, make sure the password is strong, and not 123456.

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Wi-Fi, wifi, ssid, name

You should also familiarize yourself with the page that displays all the devices connected to the router. This can be an effective first step if you suspect that there are suspicious devices connected to your network that are stealing your connection.

What are the best Wi-Fi names you have ever seen?
The internet is full of funny Wi-Fi names. SSID names are usually a reflection of your inner self and if they make your neighbors laugh, then it's even better. What are the best Wi-Fi names you have ever seen?

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