Aston Martin Valkyrie legally on the road

Aston Martin Valkyrie: The experimental-promotional AM-RB001 Valkyrie is one of the most discussed cars in the world ever since he said Aston Martin and Red Bull last year in Melbourne. But today we have news that will probably please many who wanted the car but could not have it.Aston Martin Valkyrie

A version of Aston Martin Valkyrie released is legal and can be released on the streets. Below you will see images with the incredibly complex aerodynamics at the bottom of the car and a stunning, refreshed interior.

Red Bull Racing's aerodynamist, Adrian Newey, is responsible for the intelligent design of the lower part of the car. Newey even said that car technology and its aerodynamics are considered very radical for F1's frustratingly restrictive rules.

Aston Martin Valkyrie See the pictures: Click to enlarge

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