Disable Astra theme in the author link

Astra theme: You may have noticed changes to its page recently iGuRu.gr. Yes, right, because we changed the theme. We used to use Genesis with a Custom child, while now we use Astra, with a custom child as well.

We chose it Astra theme because it is light, fast with many customization options, but also because it is SEO friendly. As for the configuration, we changed the lights, with additional php and css code to bring it more or less to the appearance of the old Genesis theme.

One of the changes we made to Astra as soon as we tried it for the first time it was the unlink of the user from the posts, as we consider it an additional risk to security.

What I mean:

Almost all WordPress themes have a link to the author of each post. This link leads to a page with all the articles of the author. But it displays the login name publicly.

for example


Why is it a risk? All WordPress websites have one default login page, that if you know her you can easily carry out brute force attacks. This link makes things easier for the hacker as it gives the dish the login name of the columnist. So you only need to search for the password.

So because we have as a starting point to make things a little more difficult for any would-be hacker in all our themes we disable this link.

Let's see how it is done at Astra.

Add the following code to the functions.php of the child you are using:

add_filter ('astra_post_author_output', 'call_back'); function call_back () author $ author_info_array = sprintf ('
% 1 $ s
', sprintf ('

% 1 $ s

', esc_html __ (' About The Author ',' astra-addon '), get_avatar (get_the_author_meta (' email '), 100),' ', esc_html (get_the_author ()), wp_kses_post (get_the_author_meta (' description ')), astra_attr ('author-url-info', array ('class' =>' ',)), astra_attr (' author-name-info ', array (' class' => '',))), astra_attr ('author -item-info ', array (' class' => '',)), astra_attr ('author-desc-info', array ('class' =>' ',))); return $ author_info_array; } add_filter ('astra_post_author', 'author_call_back', 15); function author_call_back () {ob_start (); echo ' 'posted-by vcard author',)); echo '>'; // Translators: Author Name. ?>

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