LA police ask for social media information from those they arrest

Los Angeles police in the United States are collecting information about accounts social half who have.

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According to documents Received from the Brennan Justice Center in New York Law School, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) instructs its officers to collect information on social media accounts and email addresses when interviewing detainees.

This is a rather unusual policy, even though the LAPD has been doing it for years. And while those arrested may refuse to give police the details of their social media account (facebook, Twitter etc.), many people may not be aware of their rights and feel compelled to provide this information.

It is not clear how much social media account information LAPD officers have collected or what police officers do when detainees refuse to give details.

The news is not just about America, but a new internet future that seems to be coming abruptly. Collecting details of social media accounts, or emails or even mobile phone numbers is one of the growing number of components for monitoring citizens.

This collection already exists in Greece. Many public and private services are rather "urgently" asking citizens for information they should not normally have.

Do you think we are saying too much? Try to register with EYDAP and you will see that they require you to provide them with a mobile phone number, otherwise the application will not proceed. It seems that it is mandatory for every citizen to have a mobile phone.

I still remember the look of a bank manager asking for my cell phone and while I was holding it in my hands, I told her that I did not have a cell phone at all (after all, what I was holding was my work and not personal). Have you tried to subscribe to the intangible prescription; Definitely asks for your mobile phone and / or emails, otherwise forget the service.

The socails half, emails, mobile phones have entered our lives and are beginning to become necessary for you to be able to process your transactions with the public. So do not be surprised if in the new identity there is someone in your data emails who you manage and why not, your facebook account.

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