Plead malware attacks on ASUS Webstorage software

Her researchers ESET recently discovered that in order to spread Plead malware, cybercriminals use routers and attacks Mon-in-the-middle (MitM) against legitimate ASUS WebStorage software. ESET has identified this new activity in Taiwan, where the malware Plead shows more active spread.

According to earlier reports, the Plead is being used by the BlackTech cybercrime group in targeted attacks, mainly for cyber espionage in Asia.

At the end of April 2019, its researchers ESET, using the company's telemetry systems, have noticed many attempts to spread this malware in an unusual way. Specifically, its creation and execution backdoor Plead was done through a legal application with the name AsusWSPanel.exe.

This application belongs to client a storage service in in cloud called ASUS WebStorage. The executable file has its digital signature ASUS Cloud Corporation.

H ESET suspects that this is probably an attack scenario Mon-in-the-middle, as explained by Anton Cherepanov, author of this research: “Software ASUS WebStorage is vulnerable to this type of attack. Specifically, use is required to update the software HTTP.

Once an update has been received and is ready to run, the software does not verify its authenticity before running. "So if intruders interfere in the process, they can promote malicious information."

ASUS WebStorage

According to research that he's got publishedυθεί in the past on the subject, the Plead malware it violates also vulnerable routers while you can also them uses as C&C servers for malware. "The investigation found that in moreangry organizations who have fallen victim to the attack, the routers used are from the same manufacturer.

Furthermore, is accessed via Internet to Tables control of these routers.

Infographic: Man-in-the-middle attack scenario
The above information graph shows the most likely scenario used by intruders to transfer malicious payload to their target through compromised routers.

Πwe believe therefore that a MitM attack into a router level is the most likely scenario», adds Anton Cherepanov. Gives also a tip:

«It is very important The software developers not just watch carefully their environment for possible intrusions, but also to apply appropriate information mechanisms to their products, which will be durable in MitM attacks».

A second possible scenario is be a type of attack known as "supply chain attack». With the attacks these, intruders can silently to attack on huge number of targets at the same time. However, such as is supported in the relevant article of ESET, is a less possible scenario, although it can not completely excluded.




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