Athena OS 2023.02.20 for InfoSec Professionals, Bug Bounty Hunters and Spicy Hackers

The new Athena OS is released for InfoSec Professionals, Bug Bounty Hunters, Passionate Learners and Spicy Hackers.
athina os

What it offers

Pentesting: Athena OS has access to the BlackArch repository, the largest repository of pentesting tools. User Oriented: if Arch was built for power users, Athena OS is designed to reduce complexity and improve the user experience. Light: Athena OS optimizes disk space consumption by retrieving the tools you need only when you use them. Tools you never use will not be stored and your disk space will only be used for what you really need. Odds: Athena OS is based on Arch Linux, so it's configured to load the bare minimum for its purpose. No useless services, no useless modules consuming your resources. Flexibility: due to the nature of Arch, Athena OS is flexible and can easily evolve to new user needs.
Athena OS, codenamed “Parthenos”, comes with many important fixes and new implementations, and comes with the new GNOME 43! changelog Athena OS Parthenos will provide:
    • Hacking roles: added new roles for your hacking activity:
      • Black Hat Omniscient
      • OSINT Specialist
    • Integrated Hack The Box VIP contents for playing retired machines
    • HTB Tools now manage API key, shell prompt and target host according to the user preferences
    • Implemented Tool Recipe viewer for having at hand all the productivity commands you need to improve your work
    • Implemented OpenAI Chat GPT Desktop client, mainly intended for users who need to understand how a security tool works
    • Implemented browser choice between Firefox and Brave
    • Implemented flameshot choice at installation time
    • Implemented browser quick access graphical interface to hacking web resources (ie, Hack The Box, TryHackMe, PWNX, Offensive Security) an online tools (ie, RevShell generator, GTFOBins, CyberChef, CrackStation)
    • Added more security bookmarks
    • Implemented Penetration Testing Kit on browser
    • Implemented PyWhat for identifying all you need
    • Implemented Note-Taking app choice (CherryTree, Notion App Enhanced, Obsidian) and Utility app choice at installation time
    • Implemented logic for automating the use of NVIDIA driver in Xorg and Wayland for baremetal installation
    • Implemented border and borderless window theme choice
    • NetworkManager integrates with openvpn
    • Implemented Orca for improving accessibility
    • Implemented Neovim Nvchad
    • Implemented mirror list for BlackArch repository
    • Implemented Timeline Project application for displaying and navigating events on a timeline
    • Implemented vnstat as network control monitoring
    • Implemented SOF Firmware and ALSA utils
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    Athena OS, Bug Bounty Hunters

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